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Technology tools for metadata

  • What metadata systems or platforms are stations using?
  • The Metadata Co-Op focuses on sharing best practices to ready stations for today's metadata-driven content discovery engines.  While tools are important, we have found that people are hesitant to embrace a tool if they do not trust the data within it, so the first step in any metadata journey is to focus on the metadata rather than the tool.

    Start your metadata journey by identifying how high-value metadata flows into and across the organization. Then determine which employees need the metadata. Next, inventory which fields are published to TV, web, and social platforms.  Lastly, store the metadata in a central repository so that a "single source of truth" is accessible to ALL. That central repository can be a spreadsheet, an Access database, or whatever tool you decide is needed for your purposes, but ultimately the metadata itself is more important than the specific tool you choose.

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