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Is the Co-op's Metadata Model aligned with ProTrack and Media Manager?

Most of us work with ProTrack for broadcast and Media Manager for online video. Is Myers' metadata model aligned with the Co-op's and with the metadata model that Media Manager uses? How are they different? 

  • It's important to point out that all systems do not need to share an identical metadata model in order to work seamlessly together. What is important is that you know how the metadata models map to each other. 

    A Crosswalk is a simple tool that lets you compare fields and ensure that you are mapping the right information (for example, what Wikipedia's model calls a "description" is called a "plot summary" on IMDb.)

    To see a Crosswalk table featuring some of the most frequently used models in our industry, visit

    To learn more about ProTrack's metadata model, please check with them directly. ProTrack does include the EIDR ID, which is an important element of the Metadata Co-op's model.

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