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Modified on: Wed, 10 Feb, 2021 at 5:21 PM

On this page, you will find answers to questions about EIDR submitted to us through the helpdesk or at one of our informational Metadata for Content Discovery webinars. More in-depth information about EIDR can be accessed at  To submit your own question, click on the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of your screen, or email your question to 

To view or submit questions about metadata more generally, including topics such as program listings, metadata governance best practices, the Metadata Co-op, or the recommended metadata model for public media, click here.

What is EIDR?
EIDR stands for the Entertainment Identifier Registry. EIDR is a non-profit, open-access provider and standards-based registry of unique identifiers for global movie and television assets. (The book industry has ISBNs, our industry has EIDRs.) PBS member stations can register their unique video content at no charge once a short onboarding process has been completed. Learn more at
Is there any cost for registering with EIDR?
All PBS Member Station registration costs are covered by the PBS umbrella membership, so there is no cost to Member Stations.
Who can register content with EIDR? Do you have to be the owner of the content?
To register content with EIDR, an organization must be approved by EIDR as a Registrant. (PBS Member Stations will be approved once they complete the onboarding process.) The organization that registers content is typically one involved either directly in the production of content or in its distribution, or in services related to its distribution. Note that registering content with EIDR does not signify ownership and EIDR is not a rights management system.
If we have programs that are being distributed nationally by PBS, should we register those programs with EIDR?
If your program is being distributed nationally by PBS, you do not need to register your show with EIDR, as PBS will do that on your behalf. In general, whenever you are working with a distributor at the national level, you should check directly with that distributor to find out whether or not they handle EIDR registration for the programs they distribute. 
Are there vendors who can register our content for us, or vendors that can pull the metadata from our system and deliver it to EIDR?
EIDR works with a number of vendors, including one, The Title Registrar, that will register individual programs for a fee. You can find a list of EIDR-ready vendors on the EIDR website at
How does EIDR keep track of international programs that may have original broadcasts overseas and U.S. premieres through PBS?
EIDR is a disambiguation service. If a show already exists in the registry, EIDR will ensure that the records you register are distinct from those registered in the country where the show was first released. In the case of a program from the U.K., for example, there will be one set of records for the U.K. version and another for the PBS premiere in the U.S. 
How far back does EIDR go? Is there a limit as to how old a show can be to be registered in EIDR?
There is no limit as to how far back you can go, though you will probably want to prioritize the creation of forthcoming and recent releases. For more information about best practices, attend an Introduction to EIDR webinar.
What if a show is no longer in rights?
EIDR is not a rights management system. If your organization published a program at any point, you may register it.
How many fields of metadata are required to register a program with EIDR?
There are roughly 20 mandatory metadata fields, depending on whether the program is a series or one time only. You can see a list of the required fields at
Does EIDR allow for special characters, as in the case of a Spanish language film, for example?
Yes. EIDR allows you to indicate the language of the original release and to submit titles in their original language.
Can we make changes to our EIDR records after we've submitted them?
Yes, all registrants are encouraged to update metadata as needed to ensure that EIDR is the industry's "single source of truth" for every program's baseline metadata profile. 
If the title changes do we have to create a new EIDR record?
If your title is a working title when you submit it, you should indicate that in the Title Class field. If the title changes before the program is released, you can edit the title. If the program is re-distributed using a different title than it had at release, EIDR allows you to input multiple titles (previous, AKA, etc.)
Once we enter metadata into EIDR, does it automatically get distributed to listings providers?
Currently, the best practice is to include the EIDR ID in the program listings you send out. Many listings providers require additional metadata, beyond what is included in EIDR. You should continue to send out your program listings as you have done in the past, but be sure to alert partners that the baseline metadata for your programs can now be found in EIDR.
Are EIDR IDs visible in the ProTrack Traffic system?
The EIDR ID is a field in the sIX Interconnection module of ProTrack. Please check with your ProTrack representative for details.
We have a long list of programs in our back catalog. How would we enter all of those into EIDR? Is there a bulk-upload option?
Yes, there is a bulk upload option. Typically you would normalize the back-catalog program metadata into an EIDR-provided Excel spreadsheet template, which the EIDR support team will then upload into the Registry on your behalf. Once you have completed the onboarding process, you can request the Excel template directly from EIDR. To request the spreadsheet template, simply email
Are there any PBS Member Stations already registering content with EIDR?
Yes, there are. You can see which stations are signed up to register programs on the Metadata Co-op website at
How can I see if an EIDR ID has already been assigned to my program?
Anyone can search the EIDR registry database by going to and clicking on "Find an EIDR" at the top of the page. You can also reach out to us directly at