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How Do You Register Re-Structured Program

When you restructure a program from its original formatting into stacked episodes for later rebroadcast, you must register the stacked episodes for their respective EIDR IDs by creating new Episode records for each segment. 

Steps to Follow:

1) Ensure the original broadcast version has been registered.

2) Create a new EPISODE record for each segmented part. These records must be associated to a Parent ID (either SERIES or SEASON--do not use the original broadcast EIDR ID as a Parent association).

3) Choose a title suffix for each segmented part (i.e.: Part 1)

4) For Episode Class, select 'Segment'.

5) Enter all required data for each record and save. 

If you want to link the segmented episodes to the original broadcast, you can create a Composite Relationship.

Steps to Follow:

1) Register the segmented episodes.

2) Open the original broadcast version and select 'Modify'.

3) Scroll down to 'Composite Relationships'.

3) Add both EIDR IDs from Step 1.

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