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Duplicate titles in EIDR

If there is a conflict (two different shows having the same title, for example), will EIDR be able to distinguish our show or series from another producer's?

  • Yes, one of the most important strengths of the EIDR system is the role it plays as a disambiguation service. By design, EIDR's deduplication logic triages all records that appear to be duplicates. If you attempt to enter a record that might be a duplicate, the system will put a hold on the registration of your title until EIDR can verify that it is unique. 

    When entering a title into EIDR that could appear to be a duplicate, you can speed the approval process first, by making sure that your program has not already been entered into the Registry, since sometimes other parties such as TiVo or IMDb may have entered your show first. Second, provide as much metadata or information about your show as you can so that EIDR can quickly distinguish between your program and a similarly titled show already in the Registry.

    EIDR is a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) provider, which means that their methodology meets the standards of the International Organization for Standardization and that the unique id's they provide are persistent, standardized, and permanent.

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