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How do you register a digital-first series with EIDR?

The EIDR interface appears only to allow digital-first content only as a One-Time-Only (as opposed to a series). We want to register a digital-first series with EIDR, how do we do that?

  • In EIDR, content records are agnostic as to where the content is going or what the format is at the abstraction level (which are all layers of the model above EDIT; eg, Season, Series, Episode, etc.)

    In order to create a Web-first / Digital-first series, start on the CREATE a SERIES page (rather than CREATE a WEB program page). 
    You will enter the series into EIDR as you would a broadcast series, until you get down to the EDIT level, at which point you will follow these steps. 

    Once you've created your Series:
    1. From the Series record, Click on "Create Related Edit"
    2. Change Structural Type to "Digital"
    3. Change Edit Use to "Web"
    4. Complete all other fields as usual based on the instructions, which can be downloaded at
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