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Should we enter our NOLA codes in EIDR?

Should we enter our NOLA codes in EIDR or are NOLA codes going away?

  • If you are using NOLA codes internally as unique identifiers for your content, you can include those identifiers as "ALT IDs" in EIDR, and doing so may make it easier for you to cross-reference your titles and quickly identify them no matter what system you are in. You can continue to use any identifier you choose internally for your local content. The important thing is that you are also registering your content with EIDR.

    For national content distributed by PBS, eventually, the EIDR ID will replace NOLA codes as the primary identifiers for public media content via the sIX Interconnection system, but this will not have any impact on local stations and your abililty to register your content with EIDR using any form of unique ID that you use in-house to track your content. 

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