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Is EIDR the "one ring to rule them all" ?

Why is EIDR so key?

  • EIDR is the only open-access, non-proprietary provider of permanent, unique identifiers for video content. As a collaborative, cross-industry, nonprofit effort, the EIDR board includes all of the major content creation, distribution, and technology players, such as Google, Comcast, Warner, Netflix, Disney, TiVo, ViacomCBS, and NBC, and members include virtually every other important player in our industry. EIDR IDs are being embedded in websites for Google discovery; they’re used in the search and recommendation engines for SmartTVs and voice search; cable and OTT partners accept EIDR IDs instead of metadata feeds. In short, EIDR is increasingly a must-have when it comes to ensuring that your content can be discovered in a digital world.

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