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How does EIDR handle programs that originated overseas?

How does EIDR keep track of international programs that may have original broadcasts overseas and US premieres through PBS?

  • EIDR does not allow duplicates and it is a disambiguation service. If a show already exists in the Registry, you can tag the record with your organization's House Number as an alternate identifier. As a rule of thumb, EIDR requires that each Abstract Record (Series, Season, Episode or One-Time-Only) reflect the commissioning Distributor or Broadcaster and the initial mode (Web, TV, etc.) to which the Creative Work was released to the public.  If your station acquires a Program:

    • EIDR will flag the record with your House Number.
    • EIDR will allow you to create EDIT and MANIFESTATION records to represent your acquisition.
    • Only if you "recut" the acquisition, can you create your own Abstract Record with the episode class of "recut."
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