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Should only large stations with national content be involved with EIDR?

It sounds like this could help a small station like mine that creates local content. It also sounds like this is an inevitability that stations will need to get on board with?!
  • EIDR is for use by all content creators and distributors, industry-wide. Any station that is producing content (broadcast, digital-first) for national or local distribution will want to consider registering their content with EIDR.

    Eventually, yes, all stations will need to embrace the new trends for the industry at large if they want their content to be found by audiences on the many platforms and services they use. 

    For public media content to be discoverable everywhere your audience looks for it, we have to embrace the use of unique identifiers and it will be an important best practice to publish descriptive program metadata to the most important open-access data repositories for our industry, including EIDR, IMDb, and Wikipedia, among others. 

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