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How are EIDR ID's created, how long can they be, and what do the numbers mean?

How does EIDR decide what the numbers in an ID will be and how many characters are there? Do the individual characters mean anything or are they random?

  • EIDR randomly assigns a 21-character, unique identifier to each record when you submit your program metadata (provided the metadata is complete and entered correctly).

    The individual characters of an EIDR ID are meant to be machine-readable as opposed to human-readable, which means that you can't tell anything about the content just by looking at the ID, apart from the fact that it comes from EIDR.  (The first few characters of every EIDR ID will be "10.5240," which indicates that this unique ID comes from EIDR.) 

    To learn more about EIDR IDs, visit

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