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How many characters are allowed in the "House ID" or "Alt ID" field in EIDR?

When entering data into the EIDR registry, how long can our internal house ID number be?

  • When entering your house ID, there is no specific limit to the number of characters, but we recommend that your ID be no more than 128 characters. 

    Note that whenever you enter any "Alternate ID" (which is the name of the field for you to use to enter your house ID or any other identifier), you will also need to designate the "TYPE" of Alternate ID (e.g., IMDB,  ISAN, etc.) For house IDs that you are using internally, select the TYPE "Proprietary." 

    Optionally you can also provide a RELATION attribute, which would typically be "IsSameAs"

    For more information, see the EIDR Data Fields Reference Guide available at (click on "Data Fields Reference")

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