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Is there a way to add our back catalog to EIDR in bulk?

Is the EIDR website interface at the only way to register titles with EIDR, or is there a way to do bulk imports?

  • There are several ways to do bulk EIDR registrations. It's important to point out, however, that in order to be approved as an EIDR registrant, you will need to demonstrate that you understand how to use the web interface. In addition, using the interface will help you get a better understanding of the metadata model and EIDR's workflow. (It's also the fastest way to get an EIDR id.)

    Once you have completed the EIDR onboarding process and have been confirmed as an EIDR registrant, you do have a few options for managing bulk uploads:

    • EIDR Excel Tool: EIDR has an Excel spreadsheet template that stations may use to submit titles in bulk. These are particularly helpful for registering a Series with a lot of Seasons and Episodes.  Note, however, that it does take longer to get your EIDR IDs back using this method. To request the template, email
    • API (Application Programming Interface): An API is a software intermediary that allows different software tools to communicate with each other. Most "apps" leverage APIs. EIDR offers an open-access API that you can use to help automate your EIDR registration process. You can learn more at (click on "REST API Reference).
    • The Title Registrar: Stations can also contract with the Title Registrar for the following services. 
      • New Title Registration & Updates using the Registrar's interface
      • Bulk Registration Services
      • Resolution AP- to get title information from EIDR
      • Registration / Editing API - to create and update EIDR records on the fly
        To learn more about the services offered by the Title Registrar, please reach out to  Sylvester Lan at
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